Sell on the only wellness transactional electronic platform in quebec

“Boutique Santé Bien Etre” is a transactional electronic platform which offers manufacturers evolving in the field of Health and Well Being an additional option for the sale of their products. By selling their products on our online store, manufacturers will be able to generate additional sales online, without having to invest money and effort. We take care of everything at a price defying any competition.

No effort, no Investment

We take care of all the logistic (pas de s) to sell your products online at a price defying any competition. You will thus have access to the Quebec, Canadian and International digital market.

Logistic and Distribution at the cutting edge of technology

Our logistic(pas de s) and distribution system is at the cutting edge of technology and allows us to efficiently manage your inventory as well as the delivery and invoicing of your sales.

Worldwide delivery

We deliver all over the world at a very advantageous rate.

Boutique Santé Bien Etre, the Amazon in Quebec for Health and Wellness products!


We program your products on our shop


Deliver your products to our warehouse


Make new sales effortlessly and without investment

Subscription fees : $ 24.99 / per month or $ 249.99 / year (for 5 skus).
Transaction fees: A 25% transaction fee on each transaction made.
Credit card charges: Estimated bank charges of 3.5% on each payment made.
Logistics costs: Receipt of merchandise: $ 3.50 per box received.
Storage: the equivalent of $ 15 per month per pallet (available in the box).
Delivery costs: Paid by the buyer.